Bible reading
Bible Reading: The difficulty and the blessing

Bible Reading: The difficulty and the blessing

The Discipline of Regular Bible Reading


I love writing.  I love Jesus.  The aim of this blog is to provide a space for real talk about Jesus.  I want to be able to authentically put down words from my present and my past that point to Jesus.  I envision that some of the writing will make myself look foolish.  But I never want to make Jesus, God or his word; the Bible look foolish.  I know that God is big enough to still rule through my blunders anyway.  


I’ve recently gotten into a rhythm of Bible reading.  It’s only taken me 33 years.  In my life, I have struggled to read the Bible regularly.  I knew its power and its beauty.  But part of me also saw a boring, ambiguous text, mixed with hard to read parts and things I’ve already read before.  


How I became disciplined in reading the Bible


Fortunately, my desire to escape the morning activity of the home, led me to be able to carve out a time to spend with God.  After waking early every morning with my daughter, an hour in leaves me wanting out.  So going for a 6.30am morning walk, I have my phone at the ready to listen to Christian music and God’s word.  I really enjoy this time of day.  I don’t wear earphones, as this adds another thing that I have to do.  I just play the audio Bible and music on speaker, altering the volume depending on what or who I come across.  It has set me on a path of appreciating the Bible and doing so daily.  It has been such a blessing.  A couple of months in, and I still walk in the morning with Christian music.  But I have been reading the Bible at home with an accompanying study book.  Currently I’m reading Judges, so the study book helps a lot.  


The Discipline of Bible Reading


I don’t exactly know why Bible reading seems so complicated or boring or unsatisfying.  But I know from speaking with women throughout my life that Bible reading generally doesn’t come easily.  It’s a discipline.  I started reading a book called Everyday Faithfulness.  The premise of the book was that you need to come to God every day and be disciplined, knowing that you can’t expect a strong relationship with God without it.  Well, that’s what I think the premise is anyway, as I was so convicted by the opening chapters that I put that book down and picked up my Bible. 


I believe we shouldn’t read the Bible out of guilt.  I don’t think God would want that of us.  But there seems to be a lot of feelings associated with not reading the Bible regularly.  Conversely, there are a lot of feelings associated with soaking up God’s words to us.  


I don’t know what the answer is for other people on how to try to establish a rhythm of Bible reading.  But one thing I’d suggest is praying for it!  I have off and on prayed that I might know God better and delight in his word.  I feel that at this season of life, that prayer has been answered.  Thank God for that.  


Not Waiting for all to be Perfect


Another book I started reading is Present over Perfect.  In some ways you only need to read the title to gain some wisdom.  I do think that being present with God, rather than being perfect with him, is another way for regularly connecting with him.  We are not going to be perfect with him anyway.  But somehow I strive for what I have as an expectation in my head as the perfect Bible study and until I get to that point I just give up.  But what if I just start reading and see where God takes me?  I don’t need to wait for motivation, inspiration or a good journal.  I can start now, regularly coming to God in anticipation.  It has been such a joy to go for walks in the morning.  But better still, I feel it’s as if God is walking with me.  The regularity of my walking with him means that there are ripple effects into my life beyond that 40 minute morning stroll in the cool of the morning.


Now I challenge you.  Pick up your Bible, in whatever translation or form.  Do it for yourself.  See where God takes you.  Be ready to meet him.

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