Saying Goodbye to Ruff: An example of submission in practice

Ricky stuffed Ruff into the large lavender scented bin liner.  Once the bag was full he tied a knot at the top.  I checked with him that this bag was destined for the car boot.  It was.  Inside I felt a knot in my stomach.  I added the bag to the rest of the collection of toys destined for donation […]

Giving our Priorities Perspective

Get an eternal perspective and surrender   When I was a counsellor, one important step for clients was to gain a greater perspective.  One strategy for doing this was to think about the concern they were going through in the lens of time.  How important will this be in 6 hours?  How important will it be in 6 days? 6 […]

The Holy Spirit: Who he is and what he does

Bible Verses on the Holy Spirit I don’t know much about the Holy Spirit.  I feel like I feel the Holy Spirit even less, if that is even how we experience him.  I want to document some of the Bible passages that talk about the Holy Spirit, so that he can be more readily in my mind.   1 Corinthians […]

God is good, loving, wise and sovereign.

Four important aspects of God   When my husband and I were in a period of separation, I was seeking God for answers and help.  I came across a video of a sermon by Jerry Bridges.  Jerry wrote several books in his time, including The Pursuit of Holiness; and Respectable Sins.  In the sermon I watched online, Bridges suggested that […]

Bible Reading: The difficulty and the blessing

The Discipline of Regular Bible Reading   I love writing.  I love Jesus.  The aim of this blog is to provide a space for real talk about Jesus.  I want to be able to authentically put down words from my present and my past that point to Jesus.  I envision that some of the writing will make myself look foolish.  […]